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Numerology is an ancient method for calculating the energy in a name. The energy in your name will have implications for your life.

I was drawn to numerology a few years back, and eventually decided to give it a try. My birth name was Lars Holger Pind, which I changed to Calvin Jeremia Conaway in 2012, and then again in 2014 I changed it to Calvin Jarrod Correli.

How does it work?

Based on your birth date, your numerologist will be able to come up with the ideal numbers for your names.

For me, those numbers were 19, 17, and 23.

In numerology those are written is 19/1, 17/8 and 23/5, where the number after the slash is the sum-of-sums of the number before the slash.

Each letter has a value, as shown to the right. To calculate the value of a name, you simply add them up.

So the value of "Calvin" is 19, because c=3, a=1, l=3, v=6, i=1, n=5, and 3+1+3+6+1+5 = 19.

What about this calculator?

This calculator doesn't help you find which numbers will be beneficial for you, but it does help you quickly check the value of a name that you like and have in mind, or to get the value of someone else's name.

There are many numerological systems out there. This is the one I've used, and the only one I have personal experience with.


Calvin Correli
Founder of Simplero

Legal disclaimer: Use as you wish, as-is. No guarantees, absolutly no liabilities assumed.

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These are the values of each letter in the alphabet.


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If your numerologist has given you certain numbers to target, enter them here, separated by comma, and we'll highlight the ones that match when you enter words above.


Juni 30, 2014: Account for accented letters (treat as the same letter but without the accent). Allow multiple words at a time.